2022 I. E. Block Community Lecture: Dr. Kristin Lauter

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Dr. Kristin Lauter, West Coast Director of Research Science for Meta AI Research 

 Talk title: “Artificial Intelligence & Cryptography: Privacy and Security in the AI Era”

Happening at the 2022 SIAM Annual Meeting

Wednesday, July 13 from 6:15-7:15 p.m. ET


How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) changing your life and the world? How can you expect your data to be kept secure and private in an AI-driven future?


AI is the science of machine learning, or the use of data and computation to build mathematical models capable of making predictions. AI may improve our lives, but without adequate safeguards, AI may also jeopardize the security of our private data.

This talk will explain Private AI and the dynamic relationship between cryptography and AI. Cryptography is the science of protecting the privacy and security of data. A new form of encryption – based on the mathematics of lattices – secures data while still enabling AI.

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Lecture Abstract: